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Friday, March 5, 2010

From the O'L SKOOL

LB FREE a straight up, street generated, do it yourself skateboard project. The spot started on Willow and Lakewood Blvd, an empty lot with two flat bars and a perfect bump to flat. Eventually two boxes were built and a couple quarter pipes followed. It was a bold step in the right direction for a city and a segment of its populace known more for destruction than construction. Due to the illegal construction, the spot was removed by the city. LB FREE sparked enough interest for the District weekly’s Ellen Grilly to write the most open minded article about Long Beach skateboarding in a long time. LB FREE’s ledges live on at the newly resurrected Bixby Park a.k.a. "Cherry Park". If you havent read the article go READ IT! If you haven’t been to Bixby yet go there HAVE FUN!

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